This site is operated by Murali Flutes. All listings are rent to own, or purchase with a payment plan. We ship worldwide. A word from the owner: I started making Flutes at Powell Flutes in Boston in September 2000. During my four years there, I made about 500 conservatory and handmade models. After that I moved to Haynes Flutes and made about 100 handmade flutes and overhauled many. In 2005 I started Murali Flutes and I overhauled and repaired nearly 1000 flutes, mostly handmade, but also student and intermediate. you can be confident that all flutes on our site are in a perfect playing order at the highest level possible. We work closely with a shop in Hong Kong where we have a large inventory. We partner with a jewelry factory in Bangkok where we have a state of the art plating facility. This is where all the big jewelry companies come to make their stuff, Pandora and others. They are right across the street in Gemopolis, the jewelry city. We can do a smashing 30 microns of silver with copper and palladium underneath to insure durability and nice bright color. Gold, rhodium or other finishes are also available. If you are in Thailand, you could pick up a flute rental in our Bangkok shop, or bring your flute for service. We have all the facilities for making flutes in Thailand, All instruments are brand new at this time. We have student, intermediate, and professional models, and all of them are handmade. We recommend that you use your local service for maintenance, however there are simple adjustments that you can do yourself, and I will be posting videos on the most common problems that cause flutes not to play correctly. Check our flute adjustments section. Happy shopping!