1. All rented flutes are property of SBC, LLC until paid in full. Down payment and all rental payments are deductible any time you decide to purchase the instrument. Please contact us to pay the balance and stop rental payments.
  2. All our flutes for rent are brand new at the moment. Used flutes will be listed separately.
  3. Down payment is not refundable. It is only deductible at the time when you purchase the instrument.
  4. At the moment we are renting only in the US, Thailand, and Hong Kong, but we are working on expanding. If you are elsewhere in the world, please talk to us and we can make arrangements.
  5. Service is not included in the rental. Please seek a local repair person. You may also return the instrument and request a replacement. Just pay for shipping.
  6. Any declined subscription payments are subject to a $25 fee. Please make sure your billing info is current. Account management is available on the website and in the app.
  7. Repossession: All rental instruments are property of SBC, LLC, and need to be returned to the shop in order to deactivate subscription. If for any reason the subscription is deactivated, you are required to send instruments back to the shop within three business days. If instruments are not back, and communication is refused or lost, we will start a process of reclaiming instruments through court and/or police department. If SBC, LLC declares a Renter to be in default of this Agreement, SBC, LLC is entitled to repossess the equipment according to the State of Massachusetts and Federal law. If SBC, LLC takes possession of the instrument, this agreement shall terminate and there shall be no further responsibility on either party with the exception that the Renter will be liable for past due payments. Renter will also be responsible for any collection fees associated therewith.
  8. All prices are in US Dollars, however we take all convertible currencies that our bank would process. Any credit card with visa, mastercard, amex or possibly other logo should work.
  9. Rental period starts from the time of the order and flutes need to be returned before the end of the rental period before the new transaction is initiated. Please send us a picture of the shipping receipt if you think by the time flute arrives to the shop you may be charged for another month, so that we can cancel the subscription.
  10. Default: SBC, LLC can declare a Renter to be in default if
    • Renter fails to pay a scheduled rental payment and late charge within 25 days after the due date of the scheduled rental payment.
    • Renter provided inaccurate or misleading information
    • Any other circumstance that SBC, LLC feels endangers the safety of the instrument. If SBC, LLC declares a Renter to be in default, the instrument must be returned to SBC, LLC within three days or it will be subject to repossession. Failure to return the rented instrument to SBC, LLC in the event of default at their request may constitute under the laws of this state, an act of theft, which is considered a felony punishable by fine or imprisonment.
  11. We reserve the right to cancel the order if we determine that the customer has placed it in bad faith, trying to bypass our terms and conditions for maintenance by cancelling the rental and ordering again in order to get a new instrument, or any similar events. We also reserve the right to cancel an order if there was an error in our system or our listing.
  12. Rent a Flute apps for Android and iOS use the same database as fluterentalsonline.com. Customers can log in with the same credentials on all platforms.