My Story – Chapter Seven

The politics behind the Yugoslavian war

Like it or not, your life is greatly influenced by politics, especially when your local politicians decide to wage a war. You can’t say “I am not interested in politics”, like you can somehow live your life not paying attention to it. You may not be interested in politics, but the politicians, are interested in you, and the land you are standing on. What’s particularly sad is that people who give support to their politicians to wage wars, don’t give it much thought, but are persuaded by emotional manipulation through the media, distorted facts, or completely false information. If the financiers of the war want you to hate a particular country which they want to take over, they can easily do so. If you think that “the news organizations” are neutral or free, you will not like what I am going to say here, so maybe you should scroll down to the next post on your timeline. It is obvious that major interest groups have great influence on the major networks. During the war we could see how they all sung the same song in unison. AP, Reuters, CNN, BBC and other “news sources”, seem to have the same people feeding them the talking points, the desired conclusions, and the emotional triggers. They are not the news sources, but propaganda networks. What you think is entertainment, is actually mind programming. They are feeding you values and opinions that go directly into your unconscious, because you are focused on the main content, I am talking about what you think is entertainment, or the news, but for them, that’s just the medium to deliver their main content into your brain and heart. This is my story, and just like you can’t argue with a book you are reading, you can’t argue with this. If you don’t like it, scroll down, as I said.

If you switch off your emotions which are greatly manipulated in case of any political conflict, the main reasons for the wars surface, and they are by default land and economy. By the outcome of the war, you can see who might have had motivations to wage it. So, if you see that before you had an independent national central bank, and after you got a foreign controlled central bank, that should be a big red flag. Control of the money itself is often the number 1 reason. Then the markets: if a country was producing their own stuff and didn’t have a need to import, and after the war they stopped producing and focused on import, that should be another red flag. In order to import and run the country, after the war they have to borrow money and pay back with interest, and in order to do that, they have to give away everything of any value, and that includes the ownership and control of major industries like banking, insurance, manufacturing, natural resources, energy, service industry, food, water, and of course “human resources” aka cheap labor. I can remember that Yugoslavia had all those in it’s control, and now it doesn’t. We had our own banks, insurance, food, water, factories, construction industry, hydro and coal power, clothes, shoes, furniture, electronics, appliances, cars, motorcycles, ships, weapons, you name it. Older folks know this. Unemployment was never an issue. Yes, we had a dictator, personality cult, one party system, etc, but now we have dictators from abroad, parties don’t matter because they all get orders from abroad, and instead of personality cult, we have imported and imposed values. Money flow has been reduced to almost nothing. See, when a country has no money, it literally means, there is no money, even if there is capacity to manufacture or produce. If there is no money to facilitate it, it will not happen. Money has to equal the total value produced, or maybe the potential value, because you can produce money first (print), and then the actual production will follow. If the money masters want a certain place poor, they can simply pull out the money, and bankrupt the place. It’s actually as simple as that. So, if you surrender the control of the money to those who occupy your country, you lose your sovereignty, and you are doomed. And BTW, the US Dollar has been outsourced to a third party, the fed, which is nothing but a group of private banks now controlling a major part of the world economy. Very clever. Meditate on that for a minute, haha.

There was no winner in the Yugoslavian civil war internally. The winner was the same entity which stirred things up in the first place, and the motivations are obvious to anyone with a little bit of brains left. All the big words you hear, like human rights, genocide, aggression, ethnic cleansing and so on, are BS. They couldn’t care less about the people. There are so many places with much worse situations where nobody goes to bring justice and order, simply because there is no profit for them. You all know that, but you still fall for the propaganda, and they stir your emotions in order to get the approval to wage a war on some country far away which you know nothing about. If there was any of the mentioned problems in Yugoslavia, it was supported and nurtured from abroad to produce a conflict for the above mentioned goals. The result is: several little countries with no political strength, no true independence, with a large new debt to foreign money clubs like London club, Paris club etc, with no central banks of their own, and no ability to print their own money to manage their own economies. There is no more local clothes, shoes, electronics, cars, construction industry or anything. The land laws are gradually changing so that foreigners can buy, which means that locals will move to less desirable locations, and the best real estate will go into the hands of the rich global elite. That’s actually happening right now.

I can go on and on about this stuff, but you get the picture. What used to be my country, is not any more. Not by name, not by territory, not by ownership, not by nationality. It’s all gone. I thought I was simply Yugoslavian. Now I don’t know what I am. Mixed? Seriously? Serbian-Croatian-Slovenian-Montenegrian? A mutt? They tell us that all the Slavs came somewhere from the North East, which would mean that we were all the same anyway, but for the purpose of generating conflict, now we had to be so different all of the sudden. What are all these nationalities, with a couple of million people each? Same language, basically the same looks, but due to religious and political conflicts in the past centuries, you have Christian Orthodox, Catholic, and Muslim people. What are the Muslim people in Yugoslavia? Obviously forcefully converted Serbs and Croats from the time of the Ottoman empire. That’s not a nationality, but a religion, and they cannot claim a territory, but people are stupid, and they fall for the propaganda even though it’s totally illogical. Many historians are pointing out that there is no record of major movements of peoples from the North-East into the present Yugoslavian territories. That’s a whole other issue, but a part of the main propaganda. In order to steal someone’s land, you have to convince the world that the land doesn’t actually belong to them, and that they just came from somewhere else, so they should shut up and be happy with what they got, or what the “international community” had decided for them. What a joke. International community. What is that exactly? It’s a few dominant countries who dictate world politics. Dah! Croatian historians tried hard to produce the history of their origin, but all they could come up with was a story with no real record of some family coming from what’s now Czech republic, and by the last name of Horvat or something, and now you have the country name Hrvatska. Serbs are more inclined to believe they are indigenous in their region. Slovenia is so tiny, just two million people and a little bit of land. I don’t know what history they came up with for their nationality and territory. My grandfather has a German first name, and a Slovenian family name, and he was born in Croatia which was in the Austro-Hungarian empire at the time, I think. I have a Slovenian first name, and a Montenegrian family name. Having nationalities tied to territories in this region is practically impossible, and the whole war was senseless for the people, while certain groups profited. Some created trouble purposely for such outcome, and others simply used the situation for their gain. That reminds me of some people who preach and teach people how to get rich, like Kiyosaki, but if you examine their great strategy, it’s based on other people’s misery. For various reasons people go broke and have to foreclose on their homes, and then the vultures like that guy rush to grab them and build their real estate empires, renting them back to those same people who went broke and making large profits. Getting inspired by such cruel capitalists is nothing wonderful as they try to present it with their inspirational videos with inspirational music in the background, or originally get rich books and seminars, which again just brought more profit to the same rich guys who got rich on the account of other’s misfortune. Anyway, physical war, or economic war, it’s all for money and control.

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